• Image of Camping

Do you love camping? Did your parents load up the "family truckster" every summer? Sleeping bags...smores...those weird mushrooms in the woods... These bags cover them all! This medium wedge-bucket bag is great for shawl and partial sweater projects. Looks small but holds a lot more than you think! It will comfortably hold three 100g cakes of yarn and more. The open-wide design makes this wedge fully open to a bucket bag so you can see EVERYTHING inside. Made with quality cotton fabric inside and out, nylon zipper and a bead zipper pull. Fully lined with no exposed seams.
Two sizes available - medium and smedium (just slightly narrower than the regular medium)

Exterior: Campsite - image positioning varies by bag
Interior: Smores, sleeping bags, mushrooms

Dimensions - Smedium (Medium)
Bottom: 3.5" x 7.5" (3.5" x 9.5")
Height: 8"
Top Width: 11" (13")